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 Mercedes Viano

Do you need airport transfers for your whole family? Or wedding cars for all of your guests? The Mercedes Viano is the answer, it can carry parties of up to seven people! This luxury people carrier is the ideal option for professional chauffeur services, airport transfers or as one of your wedding cars. It has excellent luggage capacity and increased passenger comfort as this is the extra long version.


The interior is finished in a luxurious style featuring leather upholstery with a walnut trim, and a 12 volt power socket accessible by all rear passengers. Complete passenger comfort is catered for with a dual zone temperature control system and we also offer an on-board fridge or cooler box option for cool on-board refreshments.


This is the perfect vehicle for airport transfers.




Mercedes Viano - MGN Chauffeurs

BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series Saloon sets the benchmark for luxury cars. Far more than just a status symbol, it’s a statement of intent.


Every time you step inside the new BMW 7 Series, you embark on a journey of luxury and innovation.


When you open the door to the new BMW 7 Series, a carpet of light ushers you inside, making every drive an occasion. Once inside, the lighting concept becomes a design icon. Choose between six dimmable lighting designs and eight fragrances to create an ambience that perfectly fits your mood.

Porsche Cayenne - MGN Chauffeurs

Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes E Class can easily handle airport transfers thanks to its spacious luggage capacity. The rear seating features high quality soft leather and for maximum comfort there is a dual zone temperature control system.


Let our professional chauffeur service carry you in comfort and safety with Mercedes safety features including Flashing Adaptive Brake Lights, Electronic Stability Programme and Attention Assist.


This vehicle is perfect for use as one of your wedding cars or for airport transfers, we can offer fully bespoke services, feel free to contact us to find out more.




Mercedes E Class - MGN Chauffeurs

 Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S Class is perfect for airport transfers and is also our car of choice for use as a one of your wedding cars. Its long wheelbase provides 10 inches of extra legroom for increased comfort and with heated rear seating, quality leather upholstery and an electrical reclining seats you really wont find a better car to be chauffeured in.


Our professional chauffeur service will ensure that you arrive at your destination in style with each passenger having an independent temperature control system, folding walnut tables and on-board refrigerators to keep refreshments nice and cool. This is the perfect car for executive airport transfers due to the rear and side privacy blinds.


Whether you need a professional chauffeur service, airport transfers or wedding cars for your special day this vehicle offers everything you need in one executive package.




Ford Mini Coach

The perfect mode of transport for a large group of people looking for that little bit extra space and comfort, this can be used for airport transfers or special events just let our professional chauffeur service take care of you while you enjoy your trip.

Mercedes S Class - MGN Chauffeurs
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